KEZ Partnership Agreement


The kez vision is

to multiply and renew Reformed ministries in the metro NYC region. We do this by gathering for support and encouragement, praying for our ministries and the city, and supporting each other in a variety of ways including resourcing, collaboration, training and grants.  

Our values are:

  • Gospel Centered - The Lordship of Christ and the coming of his redemptive kingdom are the backbone upon which all ministry is based
  • Emotional Health - leaders lead from a place of vibrant relationship with God and growing emotional maturity
  • Families in Ministry - leaders lead from their singleness of from their marriage and attend to these relationships as of primary importance for healthy successful ministry
  • Authentic Community - ministry friendships provide a context for support, growth and accountability
  • Kingdom Minded - group “wins” are more important than individual successes; we love sharing resources and supporting each other whatever way we can
  • Multi-ethnic - we are committed to planting multi-ethnic churches which reflect the diversity of God’s people and showcase the power of the Gospel to overcome racial walls

Voluntary Commitment (renewable each year)

  • I commit to embodying these values in my life and ministry
  • I commit to faithfully attend the quarterly KEZ Network Gatherings (spouses are also encouraged to come). Generally held on first Tuesdays of the Month from 12PM-2PM (dates to be confirmed)
  • I commit to attend the annual KEZ Prayer and Worship Gathering (April 13th, 7PM)
  • I commit to investing in my own emotional health by attending a Emotionally Healthy Spirituality retreat, conference, training or webinar (sign up for EHS updates)
  • I commit to promoting the work and vision of KEZ in my church, among my networks, classis or denomination by reporting on our activities and sharing the vision.
  • I understand that my church/ministry will be listed as a KEZ partner on the website (
  • This commitment is renewable each year.

The KEZ is committed to you, also:

  • KEZ commits to praying for you and your ministry
  • Providing a context for you to be known, supported, challenged and cared for
  • Providing financial assistance via micro grants for eligible ministries (see for more info)
  • Sharing the stories of how God is at work in your ministry
  • Encouraging you in ministry and providing timely training and resources